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Know What to Say on a Job Interview

Interview Center

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A strong resume and cover letter will get you an interview, but only a strong interview will land a job for you. Browse the informative articles in this Interview Center to learn how to prepare for interviews, answer common interview questions, establish rapport with the interviewer and ultimately, land the job. Interview articles are listed in the order written by ResumeEdge.ResumeEdge

Interview Types
Learn more about the Screening, Informational, Directive, Meandering, Stress, Behavioral, Audition, Group, Tag-Team, Mealtime, and Follow-up Interviews. Includes tips and techniques for dealing with each.

Common Interview Questions
While common interview questions might seem easy, it can be difficult to differentiate your answers from that of other applicants. Read good and bad sample answers to the most common interview questions.

Difficult Interview Questions
What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in ten years? What do you look for in a boss? Prepare by reading these helpful tips and sample questions with suggested answers.

Establishing Rapport with Interviewers
Learn about a few psychological techniques, from body language to mimicry, that could help to make your interviewers like you and ultimately give you a job.

Dealing with Difficult Situations
Laid off? Out of work for more than three months? Lack experience? Discover how to deal with it during interviews.

Know Yourself before Interviews
The exercises in this article will provide you with the self-knowledge you need to answer probing interview questions.

Spin Yourself at Interviews
Learn how to present your experience in the most positive way possible. Market yourself using these simple exercises as guides.

Research the Company before Interviews
Just as you must know yourself, so too must you know your prospective employer. Researching the company will help you anticipate its goals and culture, and tailor your responses appropriately.

Dealing with Illegal Interview Questions
When did you graduate high school? Are you planning to have children? Learn how to respond to potentially illegal questions without embarrassing your interviewer and losing the job.

Overcoming Language Barriers
For candidates whose primary language is not English, interviewing can be intimidating and requires special preparation. This article includes tips for preparing.

Negotiating Salary During Interviews
Brush up on salary negotiation strategy by knowing what you're worth, setting clear goals, knowing your walk-away salary, and how to be fair to your potential employer while being fair to yourself.

Writing Interview Thank You Notes
While companies differ in their expectation of a thank you note, some interviewers take offense at its absence. It always a good idea to send thank you notes after interviews.

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Know What to Say on a Job Interview
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