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Writing Interview Thank-You Letters
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Know What to Say on a Job Interview

Directive Interview

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In the rigid, directive interview type, the interviewer has a clear agenda that he or she follows unflinchingly. Sometimes companies use this interview type to ensure parity between interviews.

In other words, directive interviewers in the same company might ask the same questions of job candidates, so they may compare the results to pick the candidate who consistently gave the same best answers.

Directive interviewers rely upon their direct questions and methods to get from you what they wish to know. You might feel like you are being steam-rolled! On the other hand, if you like a no-frills style, you might find that the conversation develops naturally.

Although their directive style might seem a bit dry or calculating, it does not necessarily mean that your interviewers have dominance or superiority issues. They are likely just trying to lead you straight to the point, to make the most of the interview in the time allotted.

Alternately or additionally, they might be testing how you react to a no-frills leadership style.

However, it's a good idea to keep an eye open for dominance or superiority issues, if the interviewer will be your coworker, lead, supervisor or manager should you land the job. Keeping an eye open for such might provide clues as to how he or she will treat you on the job.

Listed below are tips to help you successfully navigate a directive interview.

  • Flex with the interviewer, following his or her lead.
  • But, do not relinquish complete control of the interview. For example, if the interviewer does not ask you for information that you think is important in proving your superiority as a job candidate, politely interject it.
  • Send a thank you note to each of your directive interviewers.

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Know What to Say on a Job Interview
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