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About is a free, advertiser-supported Web portal that has been helping job seekers to help themselves since 2002. It organizes employment resources and career tools, to help you find them easier and faster than you would while weeding through the thousands of irrelevant links returned in a typical Web search.

Who We Are

We are an independent, USA-based Web team, with a passion for helping workers to help themselves regarding employment matters. We also own and operate, a free employee-rights site.

Our lead writer and editor, J. Steven, earned a military-equivalency degree in electronics followed by a college business degree. For 22+ years he then lived and worked in Northern California's "High-Tech Heaven", better known worldwide as Silicon Valley.

Over the years J. Steven held supervisory and managerial positions at large international corporations, including National Semiconductor, International Computers Limited (ICL), Lam Research and Lucent Technologies. Subsequently, he has the inside scoop on the common hiring practices of high-tech corporations.

Based on his career credentials along with his knack for writing, for nine years J. Steven also moonlighted as a professional freelance writer of technical job searching and other employment matters for a Top-10 Web site, which is owned by and shares online content with the New York Times. His freelance articles are still among the most popular across the Web regarding employment matters.

In fact, certain Web circles referred to J. Steven as "The Job Seekers' Advocate". Although he now prefers a more-modest profile as a semi-anonymous author of employment matters, he's still pursuing his passion for helping job seekers.

Tools and Resources focuses on technical jobs of all types. (Not just information-technology jobs, as do too many so-called "technical" job sites.) But we also offer job-search tools and resources that are helpful for all job seekers. Examples are general resume and employment-letter resources to name only two, including free samples, examples and templates that you may download and personalize for free.

Why is Free has partnered through affiliate arrangements with a few of its resources, to help keep its services free for you. We hope that you find our partners to be helpful, and if you're thinking about buying similar products or services anyway, that you'll do so in support of the tools and resources that we provide to you for free.

But you are under no obligation. is free, period. We also link to thousands of resources with which we have no affiliate arrangements, simply because they're helpful for job seekers.

Privacy supports privacy on the Internet. Subsequently, it does not attempt to collect any personal information about you. (Registration is not required.) Read our Privacy Policy for more information. It's also linked near the bottom of every page.

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Thanks for visiting We hope that you'll find our efforts to be helpful and will return soon.

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