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How to Avoid Writing I and My in Your Resume

Because your resume is about you to begin with, you don't need to write the personal pronouns I and my.

Besides, doing so repeatedly is redundant and clutters your resume with unnecessary words. Most employers scan resumes in under 60 seconds; subsequently, unnecessary words just get in the way.

One of the tricks is not really a trick at all, but a simple omission; just don't write the pronouns I and my in your resume!

Some of you might have a problem with this, because from grade school through college, we're all taught to write in complete sentences.

But it's perfectly acceptable to construct your resume with incomplete sentences. In fact, it's the preferred method, as it helps to rid resumes of unnecessary words. Sticking to the preferred method makes it relatively easy to avoid writing I and my.

Another trick is to start your resume sentences with relevant action words (also called action verbs) instead of I or my. Action words spruce up your resume and give it punch; but, it's good idea to resist the temptation to overdo it.

Did you know? In this age of electronic resumes, including keywords is also important when writing your resume.


Below are a few examples of how to avoid writing I and my in your resume. For more examples, see the Sample Resumes in the Resume and Letter Center. All of the samples were written by professional resume writers.

Interviewing: I've frequently worked with UNIX.
Resume Writing: Solid working knowledge of UNIX

Interviewing: My skills include researching and writing user manuals.
Resume Writing:
Developed user manuals

Interviewing: I was an important member of the product-launch team.
Resume Writing: Instrumental in launching new products

Interviewing: I can easily understand complicated technical matters.
Resume Writing: Demonstrated ability to grasp technical complexities

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