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Writing a Letter of Resignation

Resignation Letter Example 2

This resignation letter example is as simple and straightforward as the first, but includes a brief statement of gratitude. It also shows a proper business format like the first. (See also the format tips below.) Because it's an image the same as the first, it won't allow you to simply copy the text from your screen. See Sample Resignation Letters if you want to copy or download a sample that resembles this resignation letter example.

Resignation Letter Example 2

Resignation Letter Example 2 Format Tips

  • Your Name and Address: If the stationery you're using has a preprinted letterhead, then skip this step in your resignation letter. Otherwise, type your name, postal address and optionally, your phone number. These days, it's common to provide an email address too.
  • Date Today: If you're not using a letterhead, type the date on the line directly under your address. Otherwise, type it two to six lines below the letterhead. Three lines are standard, as shown in the resignation letter example above.

Writing a Letter of Resignation
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