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Reference Letter

Sample Reference Letter - Download

You may download this free sample reference letter and modify or use it as an example to recommend a job seeker, or offer it to your references as an example for recommending you. The file is in an RTF format (.rtf), which is suitable for most word processors and safe to download. But first, please read the Important notice below; it includes the download link.

For employment matters, a sample reference letter works pretty much the same as a sample recommendation letter to help you write one or the other or provide as an example.

As previously indicated in this article, the main difference is that a well-written reference letter would typically only indicate that an employer would benefit from hiring the individual (as below), while a recommendation letter would typically state a specific recommendation to hire.

If you wish to see more samples, there are several recommendation letter samples here that you may download too, including a template. (To turn one into a reference letter, change or remove the specific recommendation to hire.) For more information about same, read the related article.

Sample Reference Letter - Copy and Paste

For a plain-text (ASCII) version, just copy and paste the text of this sample reference letter into an email, word processor or plain-text editor (e.g., Windows® Notepad).

The bullets (•) in the letterhead might come out as some funky character, so you might need to replace them with commas, hyphens or another character. (Alternately, just use or create your own letterhead.) Some of the other sample reference letter format might change too, but it will stay intact for the most part; what doesn't will be easy to fix.

Of course, you can simply print this page instead of downloading or copying the sample reference letter. In any case, please first read the Important notice below.

Acme Technical Institute, Inc.
123 Acme Way • Denver • CO • 12345
(555) 555-0000 • Fax (555) 555-0001


July 1, 200X


To whom it may concern:

I am a senior technical instructor at Acme Technical Institute (ATI), a well-respected, international trade school specializing in technology. I am writing this reference letter on behalf of Michael Smith, who was my student through his recent graduation from ATI. Michael graduated with honors.

I saw Michael rapidly evolve from a student to an entry-level technical support representative of the highest caliber. Michael clearly demonstrated that he is a team player who is always willing to share the knowledge that his sponge-like brain soaks up. He also clearly demonstrated that he derived satisfaction from assisting customers and field engineers in troubleshooting equipment failures.

For example, not only did Michael excel in assisting same during simulated technical-support calls, but he was always willing to help other students achieve his level of technical expertise. Michael honed his technical skills to razor's edge without prompting; as just one example among several, I often saw him practicing on the training equipment in our lab before or after class.

If I may make this reference letter about me for a moment, not much gives this instructor more satisfaction than watching the light bulb turn on in a student's head, as it did in Michael's.

I have nothing but good things to say about Michael. Please don't hesitate to contact me if want to hear more good things about him. My office phone number and email address are listed below.



John Doe
Senior Technical Instructor
(555) 555-0111

Important! You may download, copy or print this free sample reference letter only for personal use. Reprinting it in whole or part in any media without expressed, written permission, is a violation of U.S. and international copyright laws, even if it's for noncommercial use. has made no expressed or implied guarantees, warranties or other representations of any kind about the results of your using this reference letter sample. If you use it, you do so at your sole risk. shall have no liability associated with your using this reference letter sample for any reason.

Download Sample Reference Letter

Reference Letter
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