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Job Reference Checks

What are Your References Saying about You?

You leave an interview that went really well, with a good feeling that you've got the job in your pocket.

Then you brag to your friends and relatives that you're quite sure you're going to land the job; or at least a final interview.

But, the days and then weeks pass, and you realize that neither offer is coming.

What happened? Did a more-qualified job candidate come along?

Maybe, but it could be that, during a reference check, your references made mediocre comments about you.

It is not uncommon for job seekers to lose opportunities from the results of reference checks. One mediocre reference is all it takes.

The obvious way to help prevent this scenario, is to pick reliable references to begin with and whom you know will give you good marks.

But your references are put on the spot during reference checks, and even reliable references might not perform well under pressure. They might do a better job if you prepare them for what's coming.

In other words, it's a good idea to "rehearse" your references, so to speak.

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