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Letter of Recommendation

Encourage References to Write a Letter of Recommendation

To encourage your references when asking them to write a letter of recommendation, point out that it may spare them from being contacted repeatedly by your interviewers.

But even well-educated references might not be able to write a letter of recommendation well.

To head off this potential problem, offer to provide a letter of recommendation example and honest suggestions to help them picture you in your new job role.

One or more of your references might draw a blank when asked to write a letter of recommendation, so they might be glad you offered. It's also in your best interest to do so; otherwise, you'll have little control.

If you're asking for a letter of recommendation from a reference with whom you haven't worked in awhile, he or she may not recall the finer points about you.

Even if he or she does, it doesn't hurt to honestly guide your reference so you both tell the same story.

In addition to an example, offer a copy of your current resume and cover letter, and refresh your reference's memory with details of your traits, skills, work habits and accomplishments.

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