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Know What to Say on a Job Interview

Interview Tips

Interview Manners

Attire, body language and manners count during interviews. After all, interviewers are regular people like the rest of us, impressed by good behavior and offended by inappropriate behavior.

Yet, surveys and other indicators show that job candidates' interview manners and other professionalisms are on the decline.

For example, according to the results of an interview manners survey at this writing, up to 95 percent of employers surveyed indicated that job candidates' manners had declined in some way, shape or form, such as removing shoes, bringing pets and the topper of late, rudely interrupting their interviewers by making cell phone calls.

As another example and among other bizarre behaviors, FacilitatorGuy reported on his "Interview Bloopers" page that a job candidate ate a hamburger and french fries in her interviewer's office and even wiped up ketchup with her sleeve. Worse, another job candidate interrupted the interview to phone his shrink, for advice on how to answer specific questions!

As a last example, Alison Doyle, who runs the Job Searching site at and has also worked as an HR representative, told this writer that one of her interviewees unbuttoned his shirt and started to drop his drawers to show her the scar from a boat propeller, as "proof" that his unemployment wasn't his fault. Yikes!

Alison stopped Mr. Nasty from mooning her and—needless to say—she didn't offer him the accounting job. She also didn't offer it to "the young lady in a bright red skirt so short and tight, that she could hardly sit down!"

On the following pages are tips for acting professionally before, during and after interviews, to avoid offending interviewers and increase your chances of landing a job.

You might think that some of the interview tips are no-brainers. If so, that's good. It means that you are already on your way to completing successful interviews. No offense is intended; but, as you've read above, weird stuff really does happen during interviews!

Subsequently, the following interview tips simply attempt to cover what's generally prudent and what's not for interviews.

The interview tips are based on good manners in the USA. Good manners are appreciated everywhere, but what constitutes them might differ among other countries.

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Know What to Say on a Job Interview
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