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Know What to Say on a Job Interview

Interview Tips

How to Act Before Interviews

Do your homework: Research the company and study the job description before you interview, as your interviewer will likely ask what you know about the company and why you want the job. Those are the most common interview questions that interviewers ask and they usually ask them among the first few.

Doing your homework will also help you to formulate specific questions about the company and the job. Interviewers typically expect job candidates to ask such questions and it's a good idea to do what interviewers expect!

With a friend, relative or by yourself, practice answering the other common interview questions that interviewers ask.

Prepare to negotiate salary by having a range in mind and studying the techniques. The Web has lots of salary survey and negotiation resources you can research.

Collect and neatly arrange your important papers and work samples in a nice briefcase or portfolio. This makes you look organized and professional. Remember to pack relevant documents, such as your:

Also pack a pen, pencil and notepad to take notes.

Practice good hygiene and dress appropriately before an interview. Even if you know that the company dress code is casual, dress at least one step above it anyway. It shows professionalism and respect, and most importantly, that you know how to dress for interviews.

Unless instructed otherwise (e.g., to fill out a job application), arrive five to ten minutes early for an interview. This shows that you are eager and punctual. As the saying goes, if you're not at least five minutes early for an interview, then you're five minutes late. But don't arrive more than ten minutes early, as it might be an inconvenience for your interviewer.

In any case, never be late for an interview! If you are running late anyway, then the courteous thing to do is to call your interviewer well before you're already late. If you don't have your interviewer's office phone number, then call the company's main number and ask to speak to him or her. Don't send an email, as your interviewer might not read it in time.

Never bring uninvited guests with you to interviews, such as pets, children or significant others. Prior to walking into the building, turn off your cell phone, pager, PDA alarms and other electronic gadgets that might interrupt your interview.

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Know What to Say on a Job Interview
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