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Know What to Say on a Job Interview

How to Dress for a Job Interview

This section provides general tips specifically for women, about how to dress for a job interview. If you haven't yet, first read Job Interview Dress Tips for Men and Women on page 2.

Job Interview Dress Tips for Women

As previously mentioned, the photos displayed below are just a few examples of how to dress for a job interview; they're not set in concrete.


Wearing a dress is probably not a good idea. Instead, consider wearing a long-sleeve, no-frills, solid-white or solid-pastel dress blouse, tucked into dress slacks or a conservative-length dress skirt. A color-coordinated blazer is optional, but looks more business-like.

Don't try to match the color of your slacks or skirt with that of your blazer, as it rarely works well; instead, wear contrasting but coordinated colors, such a navy-blue sport coat with a medium- to dark-gray skirt or vice versa.

Interview Dress for Women Example Photo 1
Interview Dress for Women Example Photo 2
Interview Dress for Women Example Photo 3
Interview Dress for Women Example Photo 4

In cool weather, wearing a color-coordinated sweater is appropriate, with or without a blouse under or a blazer over the sweater. A pullover sweater is typically dressier looking than a button sweater, particularly when worn under a blazer.

Alternately, especially for "higher-up" or conservative jobs (or if it's what you'd ordinarily wear to work), wear a business suit with a dress blouse as described above.


Style your hair tastefully or have it professionally done. If it's long enough to get in your way, then wear it up or brush it back so you're not constantly flipping it out of your way; up or back looks more business-like too.


Apply makeup sparingly and avoid unusual, bright or sparkly colors. Definitely don't apply sparkles to your hair or face, or anywhere on the visible parts of your body.

Avoid fingernail designs and bright- or odd-colored polish. Clear polish or just buffed nails with no polish sends no particular signals, except good grooming.


If you wear earrings to an interview, wear small, tasteful and conservative ones; avoid those that dangle and swing. Wear only one per ear in the traditional earlobe position.


If you wear hosiery to an interview (recommended), choose skin or a neutral color with no exposed designs, seams or runs. Natch, make sure that your hosiery tops don't show when you sit or cross your legs in a skirt; wearing panty hose will prevent that.

Wear "quiet", medium- to low-heeled, conservative dress shoes that are color coordinated with your outfit.

If you wear a skirt or slacks with belt loops, also wear a dress belt that matches your shoes (e.g., black with black) or one that is conservatively color coordinated with the rest of your outfit.

It's better to carry a briefcase or portfolio, than your purse to a job interview. But, be careful what you remove from your purse to place in your briefcase or portfolio, as you might accidentally and embarrassingly expose it during an interview! It's happened before.

Other accessories are up to you, but choose conservatively and use good judgment.

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